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Buying The Right Sports Bra??

Ladies i am putting the end to our bouncing nightmare!

Welcome to the 'shock absorber bra'

There is nothing more frustrating then feeling uncomfortable whilst working out(well apart from your earphones wrapping around you).
 I have worn two bras, I have worn a bra than the nike sports bra-tops, I have worn a sports bra and a top with built in support. Yes they have worked but it meant I had more washing, more luggage to carry, more items to put on and more things to buy. 

The Shock absorber bra' has really made my life easier. This bra is the UK's leading sports bra brand and is definitely the one for myself. Highly recommended! 
This bra is literally like sellotaping your boobs down. I am such a cardio bunny so you can image how much jumping/running around I do and this bra really does do the job. 
I wouldn't say they are very flattering as they are very flattening. However, they do wonderful colours/designs and is available in sizes 32-38B, C; 30-40 D, DD; 28-40 E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH and suitable for high impact in all of them!

My personal favourites are; 

Shock absorber black max support bra.
Shock absorber ultimate run

Shock absorber Active multi sports support bra

Why is it so important to wear a good sports bra? 
Unfortunately our breasts contain no muscle. They are just skin,fat and ligaments. Therefore if the skin and ligaments are stretched beyond there ability unfortunately they are stretched for good(cries). In other words- they will sag. (Cries again) 

How to spot a good sports bra? 
The most important thing is that your bra limits your movement. It should fit comfortably, not to tight, no bulges and no gaps. 
Look for the word 'breathable' when purchasing your sports bra and in any sports wear that is. Try and Steer clear of cotton as that will remain wet and cause discomfort and chaffing, ewwww.
This lingerie may not be the most flattering in your draw but it is very important if you are an active lady. 

Types of sports bras

Encapsulation bras have individual cups. Like most everyday bras' each cup surrounds and supports each breast. 

Compression bras compress the breasts against the chest minimizing movement. 

Combination compression/encapsulation bras offer the most support with the combination of the compression and the individual cup support.

Bra tanks/shimmels(pic below) provide support for low-impact activity, such as yoga/Pilates/weight training ect, not ideal for running or high-impact activities. 
Straps also play a significant role when choosing your sorts bra. Racer-back straps provide the most support, then wide straps will come in second place with speghetti straps being the least supportive for high-impact activity. 

How should your sports bra fit? 
Your sports bra should feel tighter than an everyday bra, however you should be able to breathe and move comfortably. 

You want to make sure the band and cups fit well. The band shouldn't move, so if you raise your arms up, the band shouldn't be moving up. If so? Make adjustments or try a smaller size. 
Your breasts shouldn't be bulging out at the top or at the sides near your armpit. if so? You may need to go bigger. 
If you find the fabric is wrinkling or has gaps try a smaller size. 
This is definitely something you want to be fussy about. 

Do make sure you are comfortable, it will seem tight but that is right, be aware of the adjustments you can make, the hooks, straps, clasps, anything that can alter the support. 

Last but not least make sure you test it. 
A few jumps on the spot will do the trick and you should feel hardly any movement or discomfort in your breasts, if so then yay! If not, then keep looking. 

This is such a great investment, an item that every exercising lady needs. Once you try it your'll never look back! 

Look after your boobs ladies, don't let it be too late! 
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