Prenatal Information

Firstly.... Congratulations! This is such a precious moment in your life. Whether you are a first time mummy-to-be or your second child is on its way, it is very important to know what exercises you can and cannot do during pregnancy.

If you are already an exercise bunny' carry on exercising for as long as you feel comfortable. Only you will know how you feel. If you have never exercised before and you wish to start, start with brisk walking, nothing to extravagant and seek Kimberley for a professional prenatal workout plan.

Prenatal Tips:
  • Always make sure you warm up and cool down.
  • Let health professionals be aware that you are pregnant.
  • Swimming is an excellent exercise during pregnancy especially in the later stage as it will support the excess weight you are carrying.
  • Always make sure you drink plenty of water.
  • Carry healthy snacks
  • Try and avoid exercises that may have high risk; i.e climbing, horse riding.
  • After 16 weeks you will need to avoid laying down on your back.
  • Avoid contact sports.
  • Bring some fruit as a post-training snack to help level out your blood pressure.
  • Being able to hold a conversation during exercise will let you know you are not over doing it.
  • Perform pelvic floor exercises daily.

Due to constant pressure on the pelvic floor muscles through pregnancy and child birth, these tiny exercises are very beneficial. This is something you can do absolutely anywhere and no one will ever know you are doing them.

How to do pelvic floor exercises

Sitting or standing think of squeezing inside your vagina and lifting up inside your vagina as if you are trying to hold a tampon in.
Hold each one for 10-15 seconds and gently release.
You can also perform a lift movement; repeat up but this time imagine you are lifting up through three floors and then hold at the top and then gently relax.
Also whilst urinating, stop in mid flow, and then continue.

What to wear whilst exercising with your bump

Make sure you are comfortable in your clothing. The last thing you want to do is get irritated by your clothing. Whether you wish to show your bump off or if you wish to cover your bump, they are both okay. Fittamamma supplies great comfy pregnancy fitness clothing. Enter ADR013 to claim your 10% discount.
Pregnancy Fitness clothing list;
Supportive bra
Supportive tummy band/leggings
Polyester/lycra top
Fitted sports leggings

The more active you are during pregnancy the easier all of it will be. Enjoy a healthy, active pregnancy.


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