Sunday, 3 November 2019

The pressure from social media

This forever bugs me.... We complain about 'how much pressure we are under' YET we praise the unrealistic beauty?!

Social media has always portrayed 'perfection' BEFORE Instagram!
They have always created garments made to fit 'the unrealistic body'
They have always presented 'the perfect family'.. ect

And why? Because we buy into it....
We buy into 'quick fix diets'
'Get rich quick'
'long hair in 8 weeks'
'clear skin with this facial'
'100 squats a day to a booty'
'6 week bikini bodies 🙈'...the list goes on!

Every 'like' is also buying into it..!!!
We are creating this pressured world that we live in

So how can we make change...??

STOP buying into CRAP.... nothing quick is healthy... Or cares about your wellbeing... Even if your most favourourable YOUTUBE STAR is advertising it!!!

UNFOLLOW.... my gosh this is a huge one!
YOUR social media feed contributes to your wellbeing...
A glance can unconsciously sit in your mind and contribute to your mood....
 STOP LIKING posts that don't make you feel good but looks pretty..
This is 100% encouraging

And this is my point... With my picture!

Perfection is praised BUT its not what we want... So why are we praising it???!

We all do it! My page shows this is true... The likes I get for a realistic picture are much lower than a "perfect/sexy/pretty image"

We can change this.... 💛 Keep your feed inspiring, uplifting, REALISTIC, UNPRESSURISED to you 💛
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