Pregnancy Information

Welcome to pregnancy! This is the start of an incredible/rollercoaster journey. Life is about to change, for the better...
Where to start? What to eat? What to wear? What do i need? Names? What to expect? Boy or Girl?

This page will offer information about pregnancy and will give you links to useful external websites which will help you gain all the knowledge you wish to know.

First things first; Click here to calculate your due date Now that we know our due date, we have an estimate of when they will be born. Pregnancies are usually countered up by weeks. A typical pregnancy is usually 40 weeks long from your last menstrual to your delivery. However it does differ for each one of us. Your pregnancy is divided up into trimesters as you will be able to see within this chart.This will help you understand what stage you are at.

Week by week pregnancy chart

During pregnancy we become more stronger than we think. Our bodies become an incredible machine for your baby and you. We gain up to 50% more blood which means our oxygen intake increases, as well as growing a human-being inside of us. Your body has became more of a temple than any point in your life, yes you may experience 'morning sickness', fatigue, swollen feet and ankles, aches and pains, but rest assure it will all be worth it. 
Your body will change dramatically and beautifully. You should expect to gain an estimate of two stone unless you are having more than one child. Click here to calculate your estimated pregnancy weight gain
This is good, weight gain is good. This is your baby, your placenta, your water, your excess blood, all that your body needs to give you a healthy pregnancy. 

The healthier you eat, the better. Of course you will have cravings that you cannot resist, be kind to yourself...  However try not to over indulge too much. 
Do you remember that 'old phrase'... "Eating for two".... well you are not unfortunately *hides face*. You only really need an extra 200 calories (which is literally two slices of toast without anything on top *crying face*).

Recommended Foods to avoid during pregnancy; 
Some types of cheese, Pâté,
Raw or partly cooked eggs, 
Raw or undercooked meat, 
Caffeine, Liver, 
Vitamin/fish oil supplements, 
Cold cured meats, peanuts, 
Fish, milk and yoghurt, 
Raw shellfish, ice cream,
Smoked fish, 
Foods with soil on them, 
Sushi, herbal teas, Liquorice

 Try and invest in maternity clothing to give yourself a comfy pregnancy. There are lots of places you can purchase from online and in-store. There are trousers/leggings with an expandable belly band fitted within them so you will not need to keep purchasing every time your tummy grows. Unfortunately this maybe different with your breasts. Some women may only go up a cup size, whilst other women may go up a few, be open to adjusting with your body size as this will not be forever. Expecting other parts of your body to also gain size, for example water retention does not just stay in the tummy.

Baby names? Boy or Girl? around 18-21 weeks you can find out the sex of your baby if you wish too. Choosing your baby name may lay on your mind through the whole of your pregnancy and once they are here, you may still not have a clue. Rest assure you will find a name. Click here to see baby name suggestions

There will be endless amounts of baby things you will need. Babies grow very quickly. Family and friends will love to purchase things for you, producing a list for you and them is a great idea. Click here to find out what you need for your baby

"All the best. Try and enjoy your pregnancy. A happy healthy mummy, a happy healthy baby."

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