myMummyFitness Program

Kimmys' 'myMummyFitness program' offers you a specific postnatal pregnancy workout plan in the comfort of your very own home with your baby present.
This is a 6 month plan with 6 programs taking your through a journey to strengthen your core and gain confidence and strength to your postnatal body! You will find that the program is flexible- jimmy is happy to extend program with an extra week as she completely understands the 'mummy life'. This is a realistic exercise journey that Kimmy wishes to share with you.
Kimmy will monitor your progress via measurements and progression pics(which you do not have to share) after every program is complete.
After each program kimberley will ask you to retake measurements and pictures through the 6 month journey.
Each workout can last for 20 minuets or for an hour, it is very flexible. You can also add in equipment later through the program which is completely up to you and depending on how you feel.
You will notice through the program that as baby grows your exercise program will become more intense which means it needs less time.
Kimmy will check-in with you weekly so you will be in contact throughout. You can also get in touch with kimberley throughout to ask any questions relating to your exercise program. The is a journey that Kimmy would like you to feel supported and encouraged throughout. You are not alone and Kimmy is there to help you!

Each exercise program is £45. Postnatal training will be the best investment in yourself you have ever made. We seem to think that because baby is out we can just crack on when intact our body is very vulnerable and needs the right care. Invest now and let me help and support you.
Please email Kimmy with your; babys' birth date, what birth you had, whether their were any implications. 

Rehab your Belly

'Rehab your belly' offers you a 12 week exercise program in regaining strength, retraining your tummy muscles correctly, gaining your confidence back and making sure that you walk away with a closer/closed gap than what you started with.
I will tell you that your day-to-day exercise will extremely contribute to repairing your diastisis recti i.e the way you lift, bend, pick up baby, get up- stand, posture... all of these need to be performed correctly in order to make the change.
During pregnancy you usually go through abdominal separation or stretching, this allows your baby to grow, which leaves your abdomen over stretched or separated. This program is £150.
Please email Kimberley with your date of  childbirth, whether you have separation or stretching. If separation, how wide your gap is.

Baby and Me

'Baby and me' offers personal training with your baby present. These are one-to-one sessions focusing on abdominal strength as well as aiming towards your goals. These sessions can be done in your own home or outside. 
Please email Kimmy to arrange your sessions.  

Just Me

'Just me' offers training for yourself without your baby present, focusing on strengthening up the abdominal's as well as focusing on your specific goals. This will give you some time to focus on you and to be able to create the body you want with professional postnatal training and care. 
Please email Kimmy to arrange your sessions.

Skype Training

'Skype training' offers you the chance to train with me where ever you may be. No need to catch any transport or drive anywhere, all you need is access to skype and space. This very flexible so very ideal for mummies and people that lead busy lives.
Please email Kimmy to arrange your sessions.

Please make sure you have had your postnatal checks with your doctor before commencing any of Kimmy's workout programs. 


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