Online PT

Online training programme 

Kimberley offers you the chance to train with her no matter where in the world you are. Kimberley is able to design a workout plan specifically acquired to your needs,body-shape and goals. This program is sent via email clearly displaying a step-by-step 4 week workout plan.
Please contact Kimberley;

Skype Training

'Skype training' offers you the chance to train with me where ever you may be. No need to catch any transport or drive anywhere, all you need is access to skype and space. This very flexible so very ideal for people that lead busy lives.
Please email Kimberley to arrange your sessions.

Facebook Live

Kimberley offers you private group training. This is where you can attend her class anywhere you or she maybe. Only you can see her and tune into the group once you have purchased. Head over to her private Facebook page to discover her secrets and online Live classes. Click here to join mymummyfitness Facebook group

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