Friday, 20 November 2015

5 gym essentials

Whether a beginner or an expert it is always good to check you are packing the right gym essentials.
Yes, It may seem obvious to some people but to others it can cause delays, excuses and embarrassment. 

Of course everyones' bag will be packed with different essentials due to different goals. However, there are fitness-must-haves that we all need to pack. 

1. Quality training shoes
Ahh this is a must must must. If you are serious about getting fit or continuing your exercise/sport it is essential to make sure you have the appropriate footwear. Work-shoes or flipflops will just not cut-it... Plus they will look dreadful darling'
Running shoes, cross trainers, weight-lifting shoes.. What ever the exercise maybe, support it!

2. Suitable fitness clothing
Yes it's time to invest in your fitness wear if you haven't already. Look for breathable, well fitted, supportive clothing.. I promise you the more you feel comfortable in your fitness wear the better you will perform and the likiness of continuing. 
No one wants to be tugging, or pulling down their clothes every other minute- so sometimes' you may just have to go with comfort rather than the look. 
And ladies, my lovelies... Make sure those tight pants don't go see through during those squats, so be sure to drag a friend along and perform the bend-and-snap' test before you purchase. 

3. Water bottle
Do not be one of those people to turn up to a class or a gym session with no water. Running to the water fountain takes your time away from exercise especially if there is a que. Any water filter bottle is perfect, it saves money, saves time and can be used over and over again no matter where you are it can always be refilled too. 

4. Music and headphones
How many of you have forgotten your music or left your headphones behind. I am definitely guilty of that'.
Buy some that you can keep in your gym bag. Also make sure you invest in a good pair of headphones as I'm sure we have all fought with our wired ones, which then end up ruining our workout. Grrrrrrr. 

5. Sweat towel 
This does not need to be massive, a flannel is a perfect size for wiping down that sweaty body. Keep it fresh, wash it after every session and store up on a few so you will always have one when the other are washing. 
It is fantastic to sweat but it's not fantastic for those around you. So let's keep our sweat to ourselves. 

Well here you have my top 5 gym essentials. Pack your bag the night before and let your workout be a blast! 

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Changing your eating habits

So I have decided to play around with my eating routines and work with 
'The Human Body's Natural Biorhythm'

Yes I eat well 98% of the time... And no this isn't going to stop me having my treats but I have decided to work with our body's natural biological rhythm which I have been reading on 
This website is incredible, I love to research and I always find myself ending up on the globalhealingcenter. 

Dr. Edward F. Wrote a fascinating blog on; 'The Body Cleansing Diet'......
I am definitely going to attempt some of his ways of eating (not all, but some).
Here is a little in-site; 

This Cycle Begins around 4:00 AM and ends around 12:00 NOON.
During this cycle, the body naturally tries to purge itself of toxic waste materials and unnecessary salts, proteins, and acids. During this cycle you should consume adequate amounts of fresh seasonal fruit (preferably organic or locally grown) to support the body's natural toxin elimination cycle.

This Cycle Begins around 12:00 NOON and ends around 8:00 PM.
During the Energy Cycle, food and nutrients are processed and stored to provide you with energy for your day. 

This Cycle Begins around 8:00 PM and ends around 4:00 AM.
This is an opportunity for the body to take the time it needs to heal and regenerate. This is when the body should get quality sleep. During this cycle, the body assimilates all the foods that you consumed during the day and then processes the nutrients to regenerate itself cell by cell.

Of course this maybe impossible to some people due to the demands of shift work/ parent-hood/ other sleep disturbances. But I'm sure you can create your own ' biorhythm' around your sleeping pattern. 

Wish me luck.... Hehe... I totally shouldn't be doing this right before my wedding.... Oops 

I will update within two two... 


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The worst ways to lose weight

Most of us are always so eager to lose weight.
 We all want instant results, we all want to do the next big fashionable thing which is then forgotten about 3 months later. 
This year we have already had boatea, waist-trainers, and of course the celebrity dvd-blasts (because they suddenly decide to lose weight which obviously gives them the certificate to educate others-not! ).
All of these FADs' last short term, and most likely provide long term damage.

I always preach that 'slow weightloss or weight-gain is best' 
Yes it will be a long journey, but i can guarantee it will last forever. 

The most common worst way to lose weight is;
Skipping meals

Most of us would feel that skipping meals would help us lose weight, when in fact it is doing the complete opposite. This massively contributes to slowing down your metabolism which is what we do not want to do. Let alone makes us very moody, tired, and probably the most unfriendliness person alive. 
Of course there are plenty of health concerns associated with 'skipping meals'. 

Let's talk about my favourite!
 FADs' (a thing that becomes very popular in a short amount of time, and then is forgotten about at the same speed). A bit like celebrities really. Hehe...
We have the popular 'waist-trainer'. Mrs kardashian west tut tut tut......

Now of course we are all going to want to do this fad, because the gorgeous Kim k revealed she was doing this. I can most definitely tell you she may have done this for a week at most until she realised the dangers of it, as she obviously wants/is having more children. And then you have Jessica alba (shame on you, I never thought she would do this rubbish) and khloe and kourtney and then half of the world obviously. 
So do they work? Experts have actually said there is no way it can really work. Infact they have said it can actually cause real bodily harm. If anything squeezes you this tight it is iffy!!!! 
After seeing these celebs do it and how it makes you look it does seem very appealing! But to risk your health for something so damaging it is definitely not worth it. 
FADs' are normally displayed by celebrities' they come and go very quickly. Making the company a nice quick million. 

Okay let's move on. I really could go on and on about FADs'.

Diet pills and drugs; 

First things first; There is not a magic pill that will make you lose weight! If you come across "one" avoid avoid avoid! Danger danger danger! 
Unfortunately cocaine and other similar drugs are often used to help with weightloss but will obviously cause long term damage to your brain and heart aswel as damage many other factors in your life. 
As I have said 'slow weightloss or weight gain is best' 
There is no such thing as a healthy weightloss pill. 

Unfortunately one reason people can start purging is due to the pressures of society. (I am not saying this is the only reason as I am very sure there are a lot of other reasons that can cause this too). 
Of course this is increbily damaging to your body aswel as psychological damaging. This allows one to eat what ever they wish to eat as much as they can, which is then followed by throwing up losing all the calories consumed. 
If you happen to be in this cycle I would recommend you seek professional help! No ideal body image is worth this addictive health risking behaviour, as your'll never be satisfied! 

!Love yourself! 

Over exercising

Yes that is right over exercising can also be another worst way to lose weight. However, this is only if your body is already undernourished. If you are eating enough, there is no such thing as over exercising as long as you are not doing the same thing everyday, as this will cause damage to ligaments, muscles, bones ect, plus it will get very boring. 

That's right some people excessively use laxatives to help lose weight or maintain weight( Pills, teas, powders, suppositories). This can weaken your digestive system aswel as making your bowels lazy and can cause abdominal complications. This also means you could eventually become reliant on laxatives, or in reverse affects you could have accidents in public (ahhhhhhhhh- again, not worth it)! 

Yes smoking smoking smoking. This is a very popular way to suppress hunger. Chronic smokers can actually replace meals with a cigarette and not feel any effect from this. Of course we all know that smoking causes long term damage to your body, internally and externally. (And you will smell of smelly smoke too, definitely not a good way to lose weight).

'Getting your ideal body is a life change. It takes a lot of patience and dedication. Learn how to eat healthily, create an exercise routine, plan ahead- especially your meals. Enjoy a treat, because we all deserve treats but treat treats as a treat(that was tongue tangular). As long as you never give up, you will never have to start again.'

Thank you for taking time out to read, please feel free to leave comments and share! 



Saturday, 9 May 2015

Pregnancy Training - Second to Third trimester


I call this workout 'pregnant, fit and beautiful' because you are pregnant, you are fit and your are beautiful!

Pregnancy is such a precious special moment, so try to embrace and enjoy it. 
During pregnancy your body tends to take its own control which can be abit daunting for some, and this does not mean you ear 'eating for two'. However exercising throughout your pregnancy will gain you some control over your weight gain, contribute to a natural birth and can definitely give you some happy hormones. 

      'A happy mummy a happy baby' 

 So let's get started;

Warm up; 10mins on the bike or treadmill (depending upon what's more comfortable for you)
A steady pace- remember we are just warming up.

Dynamic stretching; Stick to the main big muscle groups only, keeping the movements controlled and graceful. During pregnancy you do not want to over stretch but we do need to keep mobile.

Main session;

Swiss ball squats with light dumbbells/ or no dumbbells, completely your choice. (Always listen to your body)
Try and keep higher than a 90 degree angle in your squat as we don't need to go too low at this stage. This will help us maintain tight legs and bottom- and will also activate our core as we are using the Swiss ball. 10-12 reps, 2-3sets

Multi directional arm and back work- 
3 exercises at one machine in one rep!
(That is what us mummies like) 

Cable machine;
Cable rope (to go around a bump) Exercises; standing row, upward row, Bicep curl.
This is wonderful for our back, arms and core. 10-12reps, 2-3sets

Standing Tricep kickbacks- light weights- depending on you. 10-12reps, 2-3sets
(Take a few steps inbetween sets) 

Wall angles; Standing tall with your back against the wall, start with both hands above the head and lead with your elbows down, squeezing your shoulder blades then return back up(a semi-circle movement). This is working on your back and shoulders. You will have a small arch in our lower back due to your beautiful babyBump 
10-12reps, 2-3sets
 (this is a third trimester movement for a shoulder press)

Seated Swiss-ball shoulder press. (This is more for second trimester and NOT recommended to those with extreme high blood pressure) 10-12reps, 2-3sets

Standing super'woman' or all fours super'woman'; This is extremely beneficial for your lower back and core. The positioning is dependant on you. (Mummies know best)
10-12reps, 2-3sets

All fours or standing pelvis tilt; this great for the core, hips and pelvic floor.
Hold for 8 seconds then release pulling your belly button to spine- you can even sneak in some deep pelvic floor work here. 10-12reps, 2-3sets.

Abductor and Adductor machines;
Abductor targets our inner thighs and lower abdomin. (Try and engage your pelvic floor whilst doing this) 
Adductor targets our glutes. (Yummy mummy) 
10-12 reps, 2-3 sets

Cool down; 
10 mins on the bike or treadmill.

Static stretches; 
Non developmental. Target the main big muscle groups only. Hold for 8-12 seconds.

     There you have it; My 'pregnant fit and beautiful' workout! I hope you enjoy it... Would love to hear how you got on? So please feel free to give this a try and leave some feedback?

"Have a wonderful pregnancy"

For more information on pregnancy visit my 'pregnancy information' page which you will find in the menu bar. Please email for more information on a personalised pregnancy workout plan. 

Please read before you attempt this workout; 
Please make sure your GP is aware you are exercising throughout your pregnancy. Please aways listen to your body.
Do not ignore any pains or tiredness, this is telling you to stop. 
Keep hydrated, keep cool, keep mobile, and do not exercise to exhaustion.
Make sure you do not get breathless throughout your workouts, ie you can hold a conversation during cardio. 
Please avoid lying on your back for long periods after 16 weeks.
Also, Try and recognise what time of day you have energy- as that is the time you should aim to exercise.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Buying The Right Sports Bra??

Ladies i am putting the end to our bouncing nightmare!

Welcome to the 'shock absorber bra'

There is nothing more frustrating then feeling uncomfortable whilst working out(well apart from your earphones wrapping around you).
 I have worn two bras, I have worn a bra than the nike sports bra-tops, I have worn a sports bra and a top with built in support. Yes they have worked but it meant I had more washing, more luggage to carry, more items to put on and more things to buy. 

The Shock absorber bra' has really made my life easier. This bra is the UK's leading sports bra brand and is definitely the one for myself. Highly recommended! 
This bra is literally like sellotaping your boobs down. I am such a cardio bunny so you can image how much jumping/running around I do and this bra really does do the job. 
I wouldn't say they are very flattering as they are very flattening. However, they do wonderful colours/designs and is available in sizes 32-38B, C; 30-40 D, DD; 28-40 E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH and suitable for high impact in all of them!

My personal favourites are; 

Shock absorber black max support bra.
Shock absorber ultimate run

Shock absorber Active multi sports support bra

Why is it so important to wear a good sports bra? 
Unfortunately our breasts contain no muscle. They are just skin,fat and ligaments. Therefore if the skin and ligaments are stretched beyond there ability unfortunately they are stretched for good(cries). In other words- they will sag. (Cries again) 

How to spot a good sports bra? 
The most important thing is that your bra limits your movement. It should fit comfortably, not to tight, no bulges and no gaps. 
Look for the word 'breathable' when purchasing your sports bra and in any sports wear that is. Try and Steer clear of cotton as that will remain wet and cause discomfort and chaffing, ewwww.
This lingerie may not be the most flattering in your draw but it is very important if you are an active lady. 

Types of sports bras

Encapsulation bras have individual cups. Like most everyday bras' each cup surrounds and supports each breast. 

Compression bras compress the breasts against the chest minimizing movement. 

Combination compression/encapsulation bras offer the most support with the combination of the compression and the individual cup support.

Bra tanks/shimmels(pic below) provide support for low-impact activity, such as yoga/Pilates/weight training ect, not ideal for running or high-impact activities. 
Straps also play a significant role when choosing your sorts bra. Racer-back straps provide the most support, then wide straps will come in second place with speghetti straps being the least supportive for high-impact activity. 

How should your sports bra fit? 
Your sports bra should feel tighter than an everyday bra, however you should be able to breathe and move comfortably. 

You want to make sure the band and cups fit well. The band shouldn't move, so if you raise your arms up, the band shouldn't be moving up. If so? Make adjustments or try a smaller size. 
Your breasts shouldn't be bulging out at the top or at the sides near your armpit. if so? You may need to go bigger. 
If you find the fabric is wrinkling or has gaps try a smaller size. 
This is definitely something you want to be fussy about. 

Do make sure you are comfortable, it will seem tight but that is right, be aware of the adjustments you can make, the hooks, straps, clasps, anything that can alter the support. 

Last but not least make sure you test it. 
A few jumps on the spot will do the trick and you should feel hardly any movement or discomfort in your breasts, if so then yay! If not, then keep looking. 

This is such a great investment, an item that every exercising lady needs. Once you try it your'll never look back! 

Look after your boobs ladies, don't let it be too late! 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Kimmys' Top 10 Metabolism Boosters

Are you one to gain weight quickly? 
Do you feel feel like you've inherited the slow metabolism? (Thanks parents)
Do you see your friends eat what they like and never put on weight? 
      Keep reading as I am giving you my secrets to speed up your metabolism. No surgery, no crazy potions, just you and natural remedies.  

Firstly it is good to know what your actual metabolism is. As I am sure most of us just hear it thrown around here and there, especially if you are trying to lose weight. 
So here you have it, your metabolism refers to all the chemical reactions that occur continuously in your body, including the digestion system and use of energy. Your metabolic rate depends on many factors, such as; age, genetics, body-type, gender, hormones, diet and exercise. So you can see how much work your metabolic rate has to do. 

        Let's make the difference

1. Luke warm water with fresh lemon juices
Rise and shine with a big glass of fresh lemon squeezed into warm water. Prefebly half of a lemon and make sure it is the first thing to enter your body. This helps kick start your digestive process for the day. Lemons are high in pectin fibre which helps fight hunger cravings. I personally find by starting my day with fresh lemon water makes my choices throughout the day a lot healthier. Studies have shown that those with a more alkaline diet are more prone to loosing weight quicker. There are many many benefits to this but we are focusing on metabolism boosters. 

2. Green tea 
I'm sure everyone loves a good cup of tea, but how many? If you are a regular tea drinker why don't you incorporate green tea aswel, or even replace your white tea with green tea? Studies have shown if you drink 5-8 cups of green tea a day(iced or hot) you may increase your metabolism by 90 calories. 

3. Eat enough calories
Yes that is right we need to eat enough calories in order to burn our calories. Sounds ludacris but it is correct. If you skip meals your body will think you are starving it, which means your body will store more fat incase you are to do this again. If you eat 1,330 calories (please note this is an average amount not catered to anyone) which our bodies use daily doing nothing, you cannot go wrong. 

4. Spice it up
Some simple spices can help increase your metabolism. 
'Simple right? So Take note;
Ginger, cinnamon, cayanne and turmeric.  
This spices simply fire up your metabolic rate, quite literally. Have you ever found yourself sweating or seen others break a sweat from a hot spice? This is the work of a compound found in these spices which increases thermogenesis, which releases heat and increases the bodies temperature. In other words setting your metabolic rate on fire, burning extra calories, simply by adding more flavour to your dish. 'Amazing!'

5. Exercise 
All types of cardiovascular exercises can increase the metabolic rate significantly, whether it is anaerobic or aerobic exercise, well at least in the short run anyways. However, by exercising regularly and effectively you will increase the heart rate which stimulates the metabolic rate by demanding more energy. 'just what we want to do.'
So the more you exercise the more calories you will use. 'Easy peasy hey'

6. Go organic
I bet you are wondering how this can help you lose weight? Well here is the answer! 
Those toxins they use on non-organic foods slow down your metabolism mainly by interfering with your thyroid. Which means non organic foods can actually contribute to slowling down your metabolism and could even cause weight gain. 

7. Eat breakfast 
Kick start your metabolism with a nutritious breakfast.
"Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper" 
I'm sure we have all heard of that saying. So start your day right and fuel your tank, noone is made to run on empty. Studies have shown that those that eat breakfast are more alert, are more to their ideal weight, and are in a better mood for the day. 

8. Cut out the bad fats
Its' quite simple really, trans fats slow down your metabolism and cause weight gain. Trans fats are found in processed foods and certain oils used to fry foods. Trans fats help processed food stay on shop shelves for longer.
  'Man-made foods'
There are plenty of foods that contain none of this rubbish. Read your food labels and avoid your trans fats/ hydrogenated oil. 

9. Eat your omega3's
Omega 3's play a significant role in weight-loss. These 'good fats' can be found in foods and supplements, if taken regularly and moderately your'll notice the difference. 
It literally is 'Eat fat to burn fat' sounds crazy but omega3 fats is an essential part to a fast burning metabolism and success weight loss. 'Could this be the  something you need?'

10. Make some muscle 
By strength training you are increasing your resting metabolism, making your body burn off calories after your session and even on your days off. Do remember muscle weighs heavier than fat so do not be alarmed if you see the scales go up if you are strength training.

'I hope you have enjoyed my top 10 metabolism boosters, please feel free to leave any comments' 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Beat The Bloat

Most of us are too familiar with bloating. It is very annoying, very frustrating, majorly uncomfortable and of course it looks super unattractive.

So what causes it???
major contribution is Sodium, (in other words SALT), and salt is in EVERYTHING!
I am sure you have heard of many things that cause bloating (eating too fast, drinking whilst eating, fizzy pop ect) and of course the ultimate cure; peppermint tea (which actually does work).

 So here you have it;

Sodium consumption

Too much sodium causes bloating. 
The excess sodium is kept just beneath the skin, where it attracts water, which is retained in your cells. In other words this is what makes you look puffy and feel bloated. 

How to avoid? Simple. Cut down on manufactured food (man made foods). You don't need to go crazy over this as there is sodium in mostly everything, all you need to do is to try and reduce it where you can and read you food labels.

Fortunately for us, food labels are displaying the products information that can help us avoid excess salt consumption.

As you can see in the example below this pizza clearly displays this has a high content of salt. 

Unfortunately sodium is hidden in all kinds of products, you do not even have to add salt to foods for it to contain salt. Products such as canned foods, packaged foods, fast foods, most foods that are man made already are packed with sodium and salt. Your'll notice that soup contains high levels of soup unless it is home made of course. 

How much salt should we have daily? 
Ideally we want to take in no more than 6g of salt daily. Children should eat less and babies should consume even little. 

Not only does salt/sodium contribute to bloating but it can also raise your blood pressure and slow down your metabolism(we definitely do not want this)

My beat the bloat transformation



Make the cut and Beat the Bloat! 

Monday, 9 March 2015

No Meat Monday

Monday yay or nay?!

Starting my week with 'no meat Monday' is definitely a yay for me.
have two days a week where I eat no meat and I love it! 

•salmon•sweetPotatoeWedges•broccoli•squeeze of fresh lemon•thyme and mixed spice seasoning•dinner is served

•To be incontrol•eat lighter•control meat consumption•to be creative with other fresh foods•body maintenance•reduce risk of heart disease and other chronic decisions

I would say 'to be incontrol' is my biggest factor here. I have worked with many women and I think us women really struggle to be incontrol of our food intake. (Basically we are a sucker for food). 
Therefore I came up with this healthy eating regime, which is flexible and allows us to not feel restricted but to learn to take control of what we eat. And it works!! (not just for me but for my clients too).

I always cut my fruit up as I love picking at food•
Meat consumption
Adults generally need about 10-35% of their total calorie intake to be from protein. (Of course this does depend on lifestyle and motives). 

We do not need meat everyday, vegans and vegetarians do just fine without meat. There are plenty of other ways to consume protein; nuts, fish, tofu, soya, eggs, faux meat, soybeans, lentils, almond milk, beans, peanut butter, pasta, rice, almond butter, cheese, milk, and there are a lot more of course).

•soya protein•one egg•organic almond milk•pancakes 

This lifestyle works great for me, it might be for you, but it might not be. Give it a go, be incontrol, small steps are the best steps as they last forever! 

Motivated Monday, no MeatMonday

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Pre-workout snack

This is my favourite pre-workout snack; 

Pure organic peanut butter on a gluten free white rice cake.

Rice cake; 26calories
Organic pure peanut butter; 120calories

Everyone has a different goal to achieve and takes part in all different kinds of activity, which will means each individual will require different nutitritional needs. 

However, this clever little favourite snack of mine can work wonders for most pre-work out snacks as it is enough to fuel the body and to prevent hunger, unless of course you are running a marathon- you may just need a tad/lot more. 

Smartly timed snacks can do wonders for the body, giving the body the right amount of fuel to burn fat, to gain muscle and aid recovery. 
This usually means grabbing a snack about 30-60 minutes before you workout.

Enjoy my favourite pre-workout snack and of course your Workout! 

Please feel free to leave comments, would love to know what pre-work snack works best for you?!


Friday, 27 February 2015

Happy Healthy Friday

Happy Healthy Friday.....

Welcome to my blog/website. You will soon discover that I am a fitness/health fanatic mummy. I have been a personal trainer for 5 years +, I specialise in weight-loss and pre/post-natal pregnancy. 
So yes, I will be sharing lots of healthy tips for weight-loss and mummies and all those that take a general interest in health and fitness. 
I have been working on my own postnatal body as my son is now a year old and I can honestly say I am feeling proud of myself. Its been a long journey but long journeys make you strong. I still jiggle but I am comfortable and happy in myself and that is the 'golden ticket.

I am due to get married in September 2015 eeeeek! So the wedding body is on! no pressure haha.... there is a lot of pressure, everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day.

Why have i decided to write blogs?..... I love my work! I am very passionate and I am so fortunate to have fallen into an industry where I can combine it with being a mummy. I wish to share my realistic goals as a full time mother, and I would love to hear from other mummies wanting to get fit or maintain fitness too.
I will share my tips and tricks. My secrets and mini workouts. Healthy food dishes and deserts. My sleepless nights and my muddle play times. How to fit workouts around parenting and busy life. Motivate and inspire YOU! 

I will eventually be holding fitness classes for those yummy mummies with your babies in South London. I have and still are going through the journey of wanting to keep fit but I do not have any childcare, which is why I am creating fitness classes for mothers as I want to make fitness and motherhood possible.

Please feel free to ask any questions, or leave any comments on my pages. You can also email me 

Have a great day!

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