Friday, 20 November 2015

5 gym essentials

Whether a beginner or an expert it is always good to check you are packing the right gym essentials.
Yes, It may seem obvious to some people but to others it can cause delays, excuses and embarrassment. 

Of course everyones' bag will be packed with different essentials due to different goals. However, there are fitness-must-haves that we all need to pack. 

1. Quality training shoes
Ahh this is a must must must. If you are serious about getting fit or continuing your exercise/sport it is essential to make sure you have the appropriate footwear. Work-shoes or flipflops will just not cut-it... Plus they will look dreadful darling'
Running shoes, cross trainers, weight-lifting shoes.. What ever the exercise maybe, support it!

2. Suitable fitness clothing
Yes it's time to invest in your fitness wear if you haven't already. Look for breathable, well fitted, supportive clothing.. I promise you the more you feel comfortable in your fitness wear the better you will perform and the likiness of continuing. 
No one wants to be tugging, or pulling down their clothes every other minute- so sometimes' you may just have to go with comfort rather than the look. 
And ladies, my lovelies... Make sure those tight pants don't go see through during those squats, so be sure to drag a friend along and perform the bend-and-snap' test before you purchase. 

3. Water bottle
Do not be one of those people to turn up to a class or a gym session with no water. Running to the water fountain takes your time away from exercise especially if there is a que. Any water filter bottle is perfect, it saves money, saves time and can be used over and over again no matter where you are it can always be refilled too. 

4. Music and headphones
How many of you have forgotten your music or left your headphones behind. I am definitely guilty of that'.
Buy some that you can keep in your gym bag. Also make sure you invest in a good pair of headphones as I'm sure we have all fought with our wired ones, which then end up ruining our workout. Grrrrrrr. 

5. Sweat towel 
This does not need to be massive, a flannel is a perfect size for wiping down that sweaty body. Keep it fresh, wash it after every session and store up on a few so you will always have one when the other are washing. 
It is fantastic to sweat but it's not fantastic for those around you. So let's keep our sweat to ourselves. 

Well here you have my top 5 gym essentials. Pack your bag the night before and let your workout be a blast! 
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