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The worst ways to lose weight

Most of us are always so eager to lose weight.
 We all want instant results, we all want to do the next big fashionable thing which is then forgotten about 3 months later. 
This year we have already had boatea, waist-trainers, and of course the celebrity dvd-blasts (because they suddenly decide to lose weight which obviously gives them the certificate to educate others-not! ).
All of these FADs' last short term, and most likely provide long term damage.

I always preach that 'slow weightloss or weight-gain is best' 
Yes it will be a long journey, but i can guarantee it will last forever. 

The most common worst way to lose weight is;
Skipping meals

Most of us would feel that skipping meals would help us lose weight, when in fact it is doing the complete opposite. This massively contributes to slowing down your metabolism which is what we do not want to do. Let alone makes us very moody, tired, and probably the most unfriendliness person alive. 
Of course there are plenty of health concerns associated with 'skipping meals'. 

Let's talk about my favourite!
 FADs' (a thing that becomes very popular in a short amount of time, and then is forgotten about at the same speed). A bit like celebrities really. Hehe...
We have the popular 'waist-trainer'. Mrs kardashian west tut tut tut......

Now of course we are all going to want to do this fad, because the gorgeous Kim k revealed she was doing this. I can most definitely tell you she may have done this for a week at most until she realised the dangers of it, as she obviously wants/is having more children. And then you have Jessica alba (shame on you, I never thought she would do this rubbish) and khloe and kourtney and then half of the world obviously. 
So do they work? Experts have actually said there is no way it can really work. Infact they have said it can actually cause real bodily harm. If anything squeezes you this tight it is iffy!!!! 
After seeing these celebs do it and how it makes you look it does seem very appealing! But to risk your health for something so damaging it is definitely not worth it. 
FADs' are normally displayed by celebrities' they come and go very quickly. Making the company a nice quick million. 

Okay let's move on. I really could go on and on about FADs'.

Diet pills and drugs; 

First things first; There is not a magic pill that will make you lose weight! If you come across "one" avoid avoid avoid! Danger danger danger! 
Unfortunately cocaine and other similar drugs are often used to help with weightloss but will obviously cause long term damage to your brain and heart aswel as damage many other factors in your life. 
As I have said 'slow weightloss or weight gain is best' 
There is no such thing as a healthy weightloss pill. 

Unfortunately one reason people can start purging is due to the pressures of society. (I am not saying this is the only reason as I am very sure there are a lot of other reasons that can cause this too). 
Of course this is increbily damaging to your body aswel as psychological damaging. This allows one to eat what ever they wish to eat as much as they can, which is then followed by throwing up losing all the calories consumed. 
If you happen to be in this cycle I would recommend you seek professional help! No ideal body image is worth this addictive health risking behaviour, as your'll never be satisfied! 

!Love yourself! 

Over exercising

Yes that is right over exercising can also be another worst way to lose weight. However, this is only if your body is already undernourished. If you are eating enough, there is no such thing as over exercising as long as you are not doing the same thing everyday, as this will cause damage to ligaments, muscles, bones ect, plus it will get very boring. 

That's right some people excessively use laxatives to help lose weight or maintain weight( Pills, teas, powders, suppositories). This can weaken your digestive system aswel as making your bowels lazy and can cause abdominal complications. This also means you could eventually become reliant on laxatives, or in reverse affects you could have accidents in public (ahhhhhhhhh- again, not worth it)! 

Yes smoking smoking smoking. This is a very popular way to suppress hunger. Chronic smokers can actually replace meals with a cigarette and not feel any effect from this. Of course we all know that smoking causes long term damage to your body, internally and externally. (And you will smell of smelly smoke too, definitely not a good way to lose weight).

'Getting your ideal body is a life change. It takes a lot of patience and dedication. Learn how to eat healthily, create an exercise routine, plan ahead- especially your meals. Enjoy a treat, because we all deserve treats but treat treats as a treat(that was tongue tangular). As long as you never give up, you will never have to start again.'

Thank you for taking time out to read, please feel free to leave comments and share! 


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