One-To-One Personal Training Reviews' 
 "Prior to falling pregnant I would say that I was an active gym member and very much enjoyed attending kimberley's body attack and hoop classes. I always left each class on a high and 90% of that was due to how kimberley motivated the class. In turn this encouraged me to want to maintain fitness during and after my pregnancy. Kimberley has played a major role in encouraging and motivating me to do this. I have experienced personal training with other people but I always left feeling completely burnt out. Kimberley does the complete opposite she listens pays attention to your goals and tailors each workout regime so that you push yourself to its best. At the same time the workouts are enjoyable and you see consistent results. Kimberley is a fantastic fitness/personal instructor so much so that even my 6 year daughter enjoys working out.  She has encouraged my daughter to take an interest in staying fit and eating healthily. Thank you so much kimberley for all of the positives you have brought into mine and my family's  life. X"  Daniella.H 

"Kim has had a very positive impact on my life. I have always had a very negative image of my body and wanted to improve my fitness but never had the motivation to actually do anything about it. After booking a expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro I realised I was going to need a lot of training to get into shape. Kim worked hard with me to improve all aspects of my fitness and to meet my goals of strength, endurance and weightloss. This involved a range of cardio, resistance and weight training, with way to many hill sprints to think about. She is a very positive and motivational person and this rubs off on her clients. You instantly feel on top of the world after a workout with Kim and the results are amazing to see, her training sessions are addictive. She has changed my life in such a positive way and helped me achieve my goal of reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro. Kim your a star and I couldn't have done it without you." Jenny. K 
"Thanks to Kimmy I am fitter, healthier and have more energy than ever. I'm not a gym bunny, just an average regular exerciser but doing PT with Kimmy helps to keep me motivated and inspires me to work harder. She listens to what I want to get out of my training, and creates session plans around that incorporating different techniques and types of exercise to keep it interesting and stimulating. She's flexible and adapts to what I need - she's no pushover though! She pushes me to give everything I can - and a bit more. I love my hour of power with Kimmy, she's fun, inspirational and she knows her stuff.X D.B

 Skype One-toOne Review
 "When I was at school I did everything to avoid PE.  I just did not enjoy it. After signing up with Kimberley I was amazed at how much I enjoyed the workouts which she tailored for my personal needs. Kimberley seemed to know instinctively what was best for my personality. I really looked forward to my exercises and mentally and physically feel much more confident.  I think as you get older you need the extra boost of exercises to keep up your confidence levels. Kimberley comes highly recommended as she helps you believe in yourself." Diana.N

 6 month Post pregnancy program Reviews' 
 "To all mummies that want help, guidance and support to get fit from your own home, this is the girl you need!!! She is amazing!!" Jade. B 

"Prior to my pregnancy I was a dedicated gym goer and I loved working out during my pregnancy. My labour took an unexpected turn which resulted in an emergency c section which I knew would take its toll on my body. After having the c section I was nervous to workout and wanted to find a programme that would help my body heal properly and safely, that's when kimmy was recommended to me. I am so grateful to have been introduced to such an amazing trainer who really put me at ease and encouraged me throughout the programme. The programme itself was tough but I have enjoyed every month and the variety of workouts really kept me motivated. As a new mum it is hard to find time but the sessions were perfect as they were short enough to fit into our daily routine and my baby loved the exercises we could do together.
It's been a sweaty, tough and fun journey but I am so proud of the body I now have and I really can't recommend Kimmy enough she truly is an inspiration." Rebecca.H

Mum and Baby Class Reviews';
"Depends on your fitness level - I think this one is pretty high intensity for postnatal which is what I needed. Actually, I didn't expect it to be a real workout so it was a really pleasant surprise! If you're looking to tighten that butt, glutes and pelvic floor muscles and build on your quads, this is for you! I was sweating so much by the end of it (I'm really unfit... ) and feeling the burn, it feels great! 
The teacher's name is Kimmy. She is super fit, full of energy and mama does she raise your heart rate!! I'd say her routine is well structured she tells what you're working towards and gives options for less advanced moves (which I did!). She has her 8 months old boy in the class as well very cute☺ There is a massive thick playmat for the babies, about 155cm x 155cm in the middle of the mirrored dance studio. There were about 10 babies today, all marvelling at their mummies bouncing up and down 🤣 Babies were all well entertained by the amount of energy in the class. Great music selection, really helped pump me up. Everyone brought their own exercise mat or towels - I recommend just yoga mat. There is a bench running on one side of the studio so if you need to stop and breastfeed your baby you can at any time. 
Again Kimmy is very friendly full of positive energy and her birth experience is something I can truly relate to (it's on her website) so I'm really glad I think I finally found something now that I will definitely keep on going 100% until I've rebuilt myself again." Jenny.H 
"I have to say starting your classes and meeting you was one of the best things I did on my mat leave. I really didn't feel like myself or feel sexy and I felt like I'd lost my motivation. Doing your class once a week and our little chats such a massive difference in what I felt I could do. I've already lost almost 10lbs but more importantly I'm back into most of my pre-baby clothes. You're the best." Ashley 

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