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Pregnancy Training - Second to Third trimester


I call this workout 'pregnant, fit and beautiful' because you are pregnant, you are fit and your are beautiful!

Pregnancy is such a precious special moment, so try to embrace and enjoy it. 
During pregnancy your body tends to take its own control which can be abit daunting for some, and this does not mean you ear 'eating for two'. However exercising throughout your pregnancy will gain you some control over your weight gain, contribute to a natural birth and can definitely give you some happy hormones. 

      'A happy mummy a happy baby' 

 So let's get started;

Warm up; 10mins on the bike or treadmill (depending upon what's more comfortable for you)
A steady pace- remember we are just warming up.

Dynamic stretching; Stick to the main big muscle groups only, keeping the movements controlled and graceful. During pregnancy you do not want to over stretch but we do need to keep mobile.

Main session;

Swiss ball squats with light dumbbells/ or no dumbbells, completely your choice. (Always listen to your body)
Try and keep higher than a 90 degree angle in your squat as we don't need to go too low at this stage. This will help us maintain tight legs and bottom- and will also activate our core as we are using the Swiss ball. 10-12 reps, 2-3sets

Multi directional arm and back work- 
3 exercises at one machine in one rep!
(That is what us mummies like) 

Cable machine;
Cable rope (to go around a bump) Exercises; standing row, upward row, Bicep curl.
This is wonderful for our back, arms and core. 10-12reps, 2-3sets

Standing Tricep kickbacks- light weights- depending on you. 10-12reps, 2-3sets
(Take a few steps inbetween sets) 

Wall angles; Standing tall with your back against the wall, start with both hands above the head and lead with your elbows down, squeezing your shoulder blades then return back up(a semi-circle movement). This is working on your back and shoulders. You will have a small arch in our lower back due to your beautiful babyBump 
10-12reps, 2-3sets
 (this is a third trimester movement for a shoulder press)

Seated Swiss-ball shoulder press. (This is more for second trimester and NOT recommended to those with extreme high blood pressure) 10-12reps, 2-3sets

Standing super'woman' or all fours super'woman'; This is extremely beneficial for your lower back and core. The positioning is dependant on you. (Mummies know best)
10-12reps, 2-3sets

All fours or standing pelvis tilt; this great for the core, hips and pelvic floor.
Hold for 8 seconds then release pulling your belly button to spine- you can even sneak in some deep pelvic floor work here. 10-12reps, 2-3sets.

Abductor and Adductor machines;
Abductor targets our inner thighs and lower abdomin. (Try and engage your pelvic floor whilst doing this) 
Adductor targets our glutes. (Yummy mummy) 
10-12 reps, 2-3 sets

Cool down; 
10 mins on the bike or treadmill.

Static stretches; 
Non developmental. Target the main big muscle groups only. Hold for 8-12 seconds.

     There you have it; My 'pregnant fit and beautiful' workout! I hope you enjoy it... Would love to hear how you got on? So please feel free to give this a try and leave some feedback?

"Have a wonderful pregnancy"

For more information on pregnancy visit my 'pregnancy information' page which you will find in the menu bar. Please email for more information on a personalised pregnancy workout plan. 

Please read before you attempt this workout; 
Please make sure your GP is aware you are exercising throughout your pregnancy. Please aways listen to your body.
Do not ignore any pains or tiredness, this is telling you to stop. 
Keep hydrated, keep cool, keep mobile, and do not exercise to exhaustion.
Make sure you do not get breathless throughout your workouts, ie you can hold a conversation during cardio. 
Please avoid lying on your back for long periods after 16 weeks.
Also, Try and recognise what time of day you have energy- as that is the time you should aim to exercise.
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