Postnatal Information

Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful baby boy or girl.

I bet you are very eager to get rid of your post pregnancy belly.
Firstly, if you had a non-complex vaginal birth you will need to wait at least 6 weeks before training. However, this does not mean you cant go out walking. If you have had a Cesarean you will need to wait at least 8 weeks.
Please make sure your doctor has given you the 'all fine' before proceeding. You may feel 100%, but you never know what is going on on the inside.

I want you to understand that you will be creating a NEW body. You are not the person you were before your precious one arrived. So lets look forward and create a new, healthier happier you.

Post-pregnancy surprises
  • Yes that is right ladies, keep doing those pelvic floor exercises as  it is very common to get some leakage.
  • Expect bleeding. Some ladies will only have it for two weeks, however some bleeds can last up to six weeks. If you are worried do talk with your midwife or doctor.
  • Remember 'aunt flo' will come back.
  • Your feet may swell. This should go down after a week or 10 days. And your feet may have permanently gone up a size. 
  • Your breasts will not only be bigger than you have ever seen them, but they will be as hard as rocks. This will go down.
  • You may get hemorrhoids. This is due to all the fabulous pushing you were doing during your vaginal birth. These are such a common problem so do not suffer in silence, there are plenty of treatments.
  • Expect a lot of hair loss. Do not worry, it is normal. Please see your doctor if you are concerned.
  • Back and Hip pain. Do talk with your doctor if it is server.
  • A baggy tummy. Be patient- this will change.
  • Feeling loose down there. Pelvic floor exercises can again help tighten up everything and general exercise.
  • Sex drive dive. You have been through a lot and you also may not feel very sexy. This is very common and its okay. Talk to your partner. It will come back just take your time, a lot has changed.
  • Your hormones change dramatically after pregnancy so do expect to still have baby brain, feel emotional, anxious, tired ect. Make sure you have supportive people around you.
  • Be careful during exercise as you are more prone to injury due to your pregnancy hormones. Your ligaments and other connective tissues lengthen which decreases joint stability.  
  • Not everyone feels they can breastfeed, it is okay. Mummy knows best.

Tips on how to get rid of your 'Preggy belly
  • Breastfeeding. Yes this can enormously help reduce your tummy as it shrinks your uterus. It also can take up to 500 of your calories a day.
  • What you have in your fridge and cupboards is what you will eat! stock up on good, delicious nutritional foods.
  • Create a routine. However, you will need to expect some hiccups. Some days you will be energized and other days you will have no energy.
  • Home personal training. Contact Kimberley;
  • Very crucial to build abdominal strength.
  • Be patient. Some belly will go flat after pregnancy but this is very rare. It will take time but it will happen.
  • Stay away from the 'feel tired, eat rubbish' cycle. This will only make you feel more tired and feel more rubbish. Snack on fruit for a sugar fix.
  • Every bit of movement helps. So try and not take shortcuts. The more you move the more calories you will burn.
  • No crash diets.
  • You may find it is hard to shake it all off. Just remember sleep is very important for the body to make changes and recover therefore you are in more demand with broken sleep. If you really want to shake these extra pounds off, exercise and a great diet will work.
  • Stay positive. You can do it. You will have your bad days but you will have more good than bad. 
  • What you eat will be key to what you want. This doesn't mean you cant have treats, it just means' they need to be a treat and not a regular thing.
How to check your tummy 'The Rec Check'

Before starting any sort of workout, please check for abdominal separation. This is very important as this can potentially stop you from healing properly. During pregnancy your rectus abdominal lengthen vertically, then as you baby grows your belly gets bigger which causes these muscles to separate. Therefore it is very important to proceed with this check as for several weeks/months these muscles remain in a similar state.

  1. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.
  2. Place one hand behind your head and the other hand on your abdomen, with your fingertips across your midline—parallel with your waistline—at the level of your belly button.
  3. With your abdominal wall relaxed, gently press your fingertips into your abdomen.
  4. Roll your upper body off the floor into a "crunch," making sure that your ribcage moves closer to your pelvis.
  5. Move your fingertips back and forth across your midline, feeling for the right and left sides of your rectus abdominis muscle. Test for separation at, above, and below your belly button, measuring by fingers width.
  6. If you have more than a three-finger separation between your abs, seek advice from your health care professional before beginning any workout program.

"Remember it took you 9 months to get this new body shape. You have a beautiful baby/toddler/child. It is never to late to start, Anyone can do it. Love yourself."


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