Monday, 17 June 2019

Mums' motivation to exercise at home

To all those mummas' that train at home ✨πŸ’ͺ🏼

You keep consistent✨

You return back to Your routine after falling off track ✨

Never give up even if it takes more time than planned!!! (always)✨

Continue even when your exercise space is taken✨

Yes you Can entertain your kids during training✨

Yes you will listen to A B C f***ING D rather than your own motivating music😐✨

πŸ’› You Have Got ThisπŸ’›

YOU deserve to look after YOUR body and YOUR own mental health✨

YOU deserve to invest TLC in YOURSELF ✨

YOU deserve to be a mum with confidence✨

YOU deserve to feel SEXY ✨

YOU deserve to have control✨

YOU deserve to create more energy✨

YOU deserve to feel empowered✨
YES your freedom is gone, not in a bad way, things are just very different now.. It is just the reality of it.... πŸ’› 
So let's make sure we do not lose ourselves because we need to be us too..

Yes I Can 


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