Monday, 17 June 2019

Mums' motivation to exercise at home

To all those mummas' that train at home ✨💪🏼

You keep consistent✨

You return back to Your routine after falling off track ✨

Never give up even if it takes more time than planned!!! (always)✨

Continue even when your exercise space is taken✨

Yes you Can entertain your kids during training✨

Yes you will listen to A B C f***ING D rather than your own motivating music😐✨

💛 You Have Got This💛

YOU deserve to look after YOUR body and YOUR own mental health✨

YOU deserve to invest TLC in YOURSELF ✨

YOU deserve to be a mum with confidence✨

YOU deserve to feel SEXY ✨

YOU deserve to have control✨

YOU deserve to create more energy✨

YOU deserve to feel empowered✨
YES your freedom is gone, not in a bad way, things are just very different now.. It is just the reality of it.... 💛 
So let's make sure we do not lose ourselves because we need to be us too..

Yes I Can 



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