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What exercise can I do after having a baby?

Just had a baby? What exercise can I do?

First things first... Those first 6 weeks after birth.. I advise you to REST! (and this maybe longer for complicated births, and at least 8-10 weeks for cesarean births)...
Listen.... ✨This will be the only time you are NOT actually allowed to workout... When do you ever get told to not exercise? I mean most of us would love to get told this right... So Make the most of it...

I know it can be very daunting, and some maybe screaming to get back training but please just allow you body to recover!
If you had had surgery you would probably  listen right?! ... So this is very much the same....

However... There are some very gentle movements you can do to really aid your recovery... ✨✨✨✨
πŸ’› Gently roll onto your back and lay on the floor with your legs bent for 5-10 mins a day... This will allow your spine to gently realign it self, allow your organs to shift back to their normal places and size. This is also amazing for your pelvis & hips to just gently shift back to their normal alignment too. (I still do this now.. 2.5years later).
This also really allows you to actually reconnect with your body without baby inside anymore. (I know we all miss bump but they are right Infront of you instead😍) πŸ’› Still movement is very powerful, for the mind especially... ✨

After 3-4 days of baby being born your rectus abdominals will also BEGIN to realign itself and that wide SEPERATION will gradually reduce. Incredible right?!... I wrote BEGIN in capitals because that is what it is... THE BEGINNING!

When you feel ready a gentle walk with baby is amazing for you and baby... We used to get told to wait 2 weeks but fresh air is amazing for any recovery πŸ’› listen to your body you will know when it's time to step out πŸ‘Ÿ

Please mummas' you have to allow your body at least 9 months to actually become your new body with growing a human anymore ✨

Lastly... Do not compare yourself to ANYONE!!!!!! Each pregnancy, birth and recovery is different πŸ’›


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