Sunday, 9 August 2015

Changing your eating habits

So I have decided to play around with my eating routines and work with 
'The Human Body's Natural Biorhythm'

Yes I eat well 98% of the time... And no this isn't going to stop me having my treats but I have decided to work with our body's natural biological rhythm which I have been reading on 
This website is incredible, I love to research and I always find myself ending up on the globalhealingcenter. 

Dr. Edward F. Wrote a fascinating blog on; 'The Body Cleansing Diet'......
I am definitely going to attempt some of his ways of eating (not all, but some).
Here is a little in-site; 

This Cycle Begins around 4:00 AM and ends around 12:00 NOON.
During this cycle, the body naturally tries to purge itself of toxic waste materials and unnecessary salts, proteins, and acids. During this cycle you should consume adequate amounts of fresh seasonal fruit (preferably organic or locally grown) to support the body's natural toxin elimination cycle.

This Cycle Begins around 12:00 NOON and ends around 8:00 PM.
During the Energy Cycle, food and nutrients are processed and stored to provide you with energy for your day. 

This Cycle Begins around 8:00 PM and ends around 4:00 AM.
This is an opportunity for the body to take the time it needs to heal and regenerate. This is when the body should get quality sleep. During this cycle, the body assimilates all the foods that you consumed during the day and then processes the nutrients to regenerate itself cell by cell.

Of course this maybe impossible to some people due to the demands of shift work/ parent-hood/ other sleep disturbances. But I'm sure you can create your own ' biorhythm' around your sleeping pattern. 

Wish me luck.... Hehe... I totally shouldn't be doing this right before my wedding.... Oops 

I will update within two two... 

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