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Kimmys' Top 10 Metabolism Boosters

Are you one to gain weight quickly? 
Do you feel feel like you've inherited the slow metabolism? (Thanks parents)
Do you see your friends eat what they like and never put on weight? 
      Keep reading as I am giving you my secrets to speed up your metabolism. No surgery, no crazy potions, just you and natural remedies.  

Firstly it is good to know what your actual metabolism is. As I am sure most of us just hear it thrown around here and there, especially if you are trying to lose weight. 
So here you have it, your metabolism refers to all the chemical reactions that occur continuously in your body, including the digestion system and use of energy. Your metabolic rate depends on many factors, such as; age, genetics, body-type, gender, hormones, diet and exercise. So you can see how much work your metabolic rate has to do. 

        Let's make the difference

1. Luke warm water with fresh lemon juices
Rise and shine with a big glass of fresh lemon squeezed into warm water. Prefebly half of a lemon and make sure it is the first thing to enter your body. This helps kick start your digestive process for the day. Lemons are high in pectin fibre which helps fight hunger cravings. I personally find by starting my day with fresh lemon water makes my choices throughout the day a lot healthier. Studies have shown that those with a more alkaline diet are more prone to loosing weight quicker. There are many many benefits to this but we are focusing on metabolism boosters. 

2. Green tea 
I'm sure everyone loves a good cup of tea, but how many? If you are a regular tea drinker why don't you incorporate green tea aswel, or even replace your white tea with green tea? Studies have shown if you drink 5-8 cups of green tea a day(iced or hot) you may increase your metabolism by 90 calories. 

3. Eat enough calories
Yes that is right we need to eat enough calories in order to burn our calories. Sounds ludacris but it is correct. If you skip meals your body will think you are starving it, which means your body will store more fat incase you are to do this again. If you eat 1,330 calories (please note this is an average amount not catered to anyone) which our bodies use daily doing nothing, you cannot go wrong. 

4. Spice it up
Some simple spices can help increase your metabolism. 
'Simple right? So Take note;
Ginger, cinnamon, cayanne and turmeric.  
This spices simply fire up your metabolic rate, quite literally. Have you ever found yourself sweating or seen others break a sweat from a hot spice? This is the work of a compound found in these spices which increases thermogenesis, which releases heat and increases the bodies temperature. In other words setting your metabolic rate on fire, burning extra calories, simply by adding more flavour to your dish. 'Amazing!'

5. Exercise 
All types of cardiovascular exercises can increase the metabolic rate significantly, whether it is anaerobic or aerobic exercise, well at least in the short run anyways. However, by exercising regularly and effectively you will increase the heart rate which stimulates the metabolic rate by demanding more energy. 'just what we want to do.'
So the more you exercise the more calories you will use. 'Easy peasy hey'

6. Go organic
I bet you are wondering how this can help you lose weight? Well here is the answer! 
Those toxins they use on non-organic foods slow down your metabolism mainly by interfering with your thyroid. Which means non organic foods can actually contribute to slowling down your metabolism and could even cause weight gain. 

7. Eat breakfast 
Kick start your metabolism with a nutritious breakfast.
"Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper" 
I'm sure we have all heard of that saying. So start your day right and fuel your tank, noone is made to run on empty. Studies have shown that those that eat breakfast are more alert, are more to their ideal weight, and are in a better mood for the day. 

8. Cut out the bad fats
Its' quite simple really, trans fats slow down your metabolism and cause weight gain. Trans fats are found in processed foods and certain oils used to fry foods. Trans fats help processed food stay on shop shelves for longer.
  'Man-made foods'
There are plenty of foods that contain none of this rubbish. Read your food labels and avoid your trans fats/ hydrogenated oil. 

9. Eat your omega3's
Omega 3's play a significant role in weight-loss. These 'good fats' can be found in foods and supplements, if taken regularly and moderately your'll notice the difference. 
It literally is 'Eat fat to burn fat' sounds crazy but omega3 fats is an essential part to a fast burning metabolism and success weight loss. 'Could this be the  something you need?'

10. Make some muscle 
By strength training you are increasing your resting metabolism, making your body burn off calories after your session and even on your days off. Do remember muscle weighs heavier than fat so do not be alarmed if you see the scales go up if you are strength training.

'I hope you have enjoyed my top 10 metabolism boosters, please feel free to leave any comments' 

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