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10 reasons why your body is holding onto fat

Do you ever feel like your body is holding onto fat more than others? I know I do... And it is driving me nuts!
Sometimes I look at other people and think 'how on earth have they done that?' 
I train hard/smart, and I eat blimen great most of the times.... Which is why their must be something slowing me down/holding me back and I am not having it anymore.

So here I have put together 10 reasons why you could be slowing down your fat burning process. 

Be honest with yourself and make the change you feel you need to make

1.Are you a cardio bunny? 
There is absolutely no problem doing all the cardio you want to do if you love it. However if you're doing shit loads of cardio to reach your ideal body shape, then I can tell you; 
endless amounts of cardio WILL NOT get you there and you are unfortunately wasting your time'. 
Here's the science; Excessive amounts of cardio lead to an overproduction of cortisol, which leads to MORE abdominal fat and numerous amounts of health problems. < this just makes you want to scream if you are a cardio junkie doesn't it. 
However you've got yourself a great pair of lungs and I'm sure their has been times where you have loved it and needed it. 
I used to be a cardio bunny and I can actually say I always held fat around my tummy- it drove me mad! 
Break this belief in your head and try moving away from excessive cardio. HIIT is fab and still a form of cardio- it gives you that cardio buzz, requires less time and will stimulate a fat burning effect without that long duration of cardio. However this does not mean I am saying you can't go for a 10k run, just mix it up abit. 
'1-2 cardio sessions and 3-4 weighted sessions a week, if you need to add a 20 min HIIT then add it.' Be Happy.....

2.Training smart
Here's some useful info....
Firstly; Calories burned in cardio will be the only calories you burn.
Weight training you will burn calories during your workout and throughout the day.
HIIT you will burn during your workout and again throughout your day. 
Secondly; As you become better at your training the more you will need to push your body to keep gaining results. 
Thirdly; Keeping track of your training, push yourself for more in less time or lift more after every 4-6 weeks- obviously this is goal oriented so make sure you set yourself a great plan of action.

3.Are Heathy Snacks Healthy? 
Title seems hilarious but it's true. 
Are your 'healthy snacks' actually healthy.... 
We get told to snack on fruit and nuts right? Yes I can confirm they are healthy as long as you don't over eat them.
 To much of them will prevent you from getting lean ( Bingo- this is my problem- I am such a fruit and nut fan).
So how much should we be consuming?Here is some crazy numbers for you;  One gram of fat contains 9 calories. 23 almonds is an average serving; 162 calories 14 grams of unsaturated fat, 6 grams of protein. 
And in our language; if you eat too many of these you can easily over eat your unsaturated fat intake for the who day which will only cause added inches because our bodies do not need it. One handful a day is more than enough(goal orientated). 

We averagely need between 40-60grams fat per day depending on required calorie intake. Remember we all require different consumption of nutrients, get to know your needs! Do not copy other people! 

4.Cut The Drinks
Yes this maybe convenient at times and you may actually think this will help shred your body fat but you are completely underestimating the function of chewing. I mean we are given teeth for a reason, no?! 
When you want to get ripped- chewing your calories is your best option.
 It is the actual act of chewing and digesting your soluble food that burns calories and chewing will make your body burn more calories than drinking. 
If you do love a soda, grab yourself some spring water and a drop of juice try not to go for the soda. if you are really trying to get lean, you shouldn't even be walking down the soda isle. 

5.Protein Protein Protein
Okay so how many of you hear us personal trainers tell you to eat more 'protein?' It's not even just us pt's anymore you will see adverts/celebs advertising protein. Articles in magazines all about 'eating protein for a lean body'. I'm sure most people that attend any exercise regime has heard the effects and importance of protein.. Are you understanding where I'm going with this? Hehe....
Yes protein builds and repairs muscles but it also helps the body feel satisfied which means; over eating will not occur! If you are not eating enough protein for your body you will find it very hard to get that lean body you are working your ass off for. 

6.Over Eating
Fortunately for us most of the macros are displayed on food packaging or we should generally have an idea what they are when we purchase them (I.e the amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats, sugars ect). This is good to look as we can then have an idea of what we are eating, just please do not get obsessive as it isn't healthy for you. 
Sometimes unfortunately a sauce/dressing with that healthy salad creates empty calories which actually causes 'over eating'. Sounds completely ridiculous I know! but if you eat over what your body actually needs everyday those inches will be added to your waist or will be the reason why you are not changing! Only eat what your body requires.

7.Are you drinking enough water? 
Realistically how much water do you drink? This should be the easiest one to alter. I say should be because a lot of people find it difficult to actually drink enough water.... Writing that seems crazy as its in our taps, in every shop, at every work place... But yet we do not take advantage of it.
Water cleanses the body, helps suppress appetit and will help boost our metabolism aswel as many more benefits!
Our body actually requires water for all of its metabolic functioning, so you can see how easily you can slow your fat burning process down. Drink at least 1.5 litres a day and your'll be on your way to your goal. 

8.Lack of sleep and rest
This can cause a hormone known as cortisol to release into the body which can cause an increase in body fat storage. Lack of sleep and rest also prevents full recovery and muscle repair. So us parents are pretty screwed- just get as much sleep as you can. 
Sleep deprivation also decreases insulin sensitivity which increases those cortisol levels which again will slow down the fat loss process. Try and create yourself a regular sleep pattern with at least 6-8 hours of sleep a night- I know with life situations it may not be realistic but try and give yourself a sleep routine. 

Stop being stressed! Ha if only it was that simple. 
Relating back to lack of sleep and rest, Stress produces the same hormone cortisol which again has the same effect; increasing body fat storage if uncontrolled. Some people find that they lose weight through stress this still can cause the same effect, leaving your body jelly like. Even if your training and diet is on point, stress can slow you down. So maybe it's time to take some time to yourself?! Give yourself some love! 

10.Be consistent and realistic
Consistency is the key to your door. Look back at all 9 reasons and put the word consistency to them! You need to be consistent will everything. Yes it will take hard work, huge amounts of control but if you want it you have the power to make it happen. I also believe that being realistic to yourself as possible will massively make a change. The only person your cheating is yourself! Set realistic goals- seek professional help if you need too. I can promise you these 10 reasons will 100% get you to your fat loss goal. 

Three weeks of making small but significant changes and I can honestly tell you I can see and even feel the difference. You could read through all of this and feel that you already do it... But then if you did already do everything why would you be reading this blog. 
In these situations you have to be brutally honest- it's only YOU that's missing out. As soon as I started researching I saw so many changes that I could do and have done... And it's paying off. 
I think for me it was the healthy snacking; I snack healthily but a snack is a snack- it's not suppose to fill you up< and that's where I think I was going wrong. 
Yes I believe that genetics do play a part- however I do believe that we all have potential to reach what we want to reach. Let's exclude the obvious though- I want longer legs but they are definitely not going to grow- so let's be realistic! #DestroyBodyFat 

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