Monday, 4 June 2018

How to keep fit on holiday with your family

Keeping your fitness routine on your holidays tends to go out of the window, plus everyone expects it to be put on pause.
However, if you love exercising then why should you not continue on your holidays? Of course your not going to have the time or to even want to waste time on holiday in a gym.

So here I have put together a few ways to keep fit whilst you are away.

#1 Wake up early and head to the gym (if they have one). This means it will not affect anyone and no one can judge you for wanting to train.. for some people training is a chore but for others it is actually a pleasure.

#2 Set a timer for 20 minuets and jump around in your room or balcony. No equipment is needed and no-one can moan because you are present. Of course it will be broken exercise because of your kids but just blast what you can. I totally do this whilst I am away especially when hubby' is in the shower so I don't look so ridiculous in-front of him haha. (Holiday workout attached below)

#3 Walk as much as you can. If you have young children make sure you take a buggy/double as you can just pop them in a speed walk around a few places, or even just around the facilities. 

#4 Swim....... this is slightly difficult, especially when you have young kids but even jumping around in the water is moving, so just take the opportunity that you can to get a little something in. Or ask your partner or family(who ever you are with) to just watch them for 10-20mins and go and give yourself a power swim.

#5 Chasing after your children. Especially if you have young ones... it is inevitable that you are going to be exercising 24/7 because you have to follow every move.

#6 Join in on the resorts' sports and activities especially if your babies can get involved. Or again just ask for 20-30mins... (I am terrible at asking but I'm working on it.. hehe...)

#7 Ask your partner or family/friend to get the kids ready for dinner and head out for a quick jog. Again 20-30mins is all you are asking for out of the whole holiday.

#8 Pop to the local park and train in the park whilst your kids are playing, you could even do this everyday which means every day you get to train. Gives you a lil routine whilst being away too and means you do not have to rely on anyone.

Hope these have helped to give you some inspiration. Exercising makes me feel good.. even if it is just a little something. If it is important to you than make sure you do incorporate it into your holidays.
Also remember that your eating habits do not need to go crazily out of the window either, you want to feel good whilst your away right? So don't ruin everything you have done just to take advantage of the buffet. 
Food will always be there it doesn't mean you have to eat it all. 
Of course have your treats more regularly and enjoy yourself but you don't need to go crazy unless it does make you feel good. 

Here is a 10 minute holiday workout that I did whilst I were away. 
Only 6 exercises to work your entire body and no equipment needed. 
Legs (20 repetitions), Arms (20 reps), Cardio (30seconds), Core (10 each leg), Cardio (30 seconds), Abs (20reps). 
Repeat 3-4 times if you can. 

Have a guilt free holiday 


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